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"I got Daniel’s course in August, 2020. As a musician for nearly 40 years, live work and touring isn’t something I want to do anymore. So, I decided after watching Daniel’s YouTube channel, I’d try my hand at royalty free music. At first, it was a challenge going from songwriting to this style, which is very direct and to the point in a few bars as possible.

Yet, Daniel’s course taught me a great deal about his process, and how to include it in my own. His module on mixing has been incredibly important, as it has helped my mixes immeasurably. The email support I receive from him personally is worth its weight in gold. I’m able to pick his brain, share tracks, and get his expert opinions on where I might try to focus, and where to steer clear.

I cannot recommend his course enough to anyone starting out in this passive income market. Daniel stresses being yourself, bringing your skills to the table, maximizing your strengths, and never, ever giving up. It might take you months to get sales. But, in the end, as long as you follow his course, you will learn more with each track, and become a better composer, musician, engineer and your music CAN make you the income you want."

Allen Dean

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